* Net weight: 1250g
* Key Elasticity: Flexible
* Key life: up to 50 million times
* Operating Temperature Range: 0 ° C -50 ° C
* Voltage: 5V ± 10%
* Current: <300mA
* Switch: blue buttons
* Anti shading: 24thush anti-shading
* Key cap type: double injection key caps
* Port: USB Full Speed 2.0 actual report rate: up to 1000Hz
* Keys: 104 keys


You can play games comfortably at night and in dim environments thanks to the LED lighting equipped with full LED backlight options with independent key illumination developed with INCA ADROGOS. Enjoy playing games by setting these different animation options according to your taste by using the function key. You can increase and decrease the light intensity of the led lighting according to your wishes.


Blue switches are tactile and provide acoustics as well as perceptible feedback. Your mechanical keys are long-lasting, fast reaction times, designed for gamers and equipped with high technology.

INCA ADROGOS has key technology that provides anti-shadowing. When keys are pressed simultaneously, your commands are recorded for each keystroke.

INCA ADROGOS Mechanical Keyboard keys are fast response switches that last up to 50 million keystrokes. The Inca Ophira is equipped with a solid metal body, Metal panel keyboard provides an excellent experience for any situation while gaming.

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