Ergonomic design, comfortable touch feeling, completely rubber surface

Silent Keys

Optical resolution of 800-1600 DPI

Working mode: 2.4GHz Radio Frequency / 32 channel hopping between 2.405 ~ 2.476GHz

2.4GHz NANO receiver can be placed inside the mouse.

Working range 10 meters

Battery: AAA Alkaline Manganese Dioxide Battery x2

Buttons: Left / Middle / Right / Dpi

Size: 97x57x37mm / (Receiver) 18.3x14.6x6.4mm

Weight: 60g ± 0.1gr / (Receiver) 1.8g ± 0.1gr

Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac, Linux

Key life: 3,000,000 clicks




INCA IWM-300R Mouse is resistant to abrasion with its special fabric surface. The breathable fabric surface design, which is considered for long-term use, will prevent sweating in the palm. Add innovation to your office with the INCA IWM-300R and experience the feeling of being different by using the color option you want thanks to the fabric surface texture that will adapt to your office designs.
INCA IWM-300R Wireless Mouse offers its users 2.405- 2.476 Ghz radio frequency technology. Thanks to its ergonomic design that fits in the hand, the INCA IWM-300R Wireless Mouse prevents the pain that may occur on your wrist during long-term use and provides a comfortable touch feeling with its fabric surface.
Inca made a difference in optical office mice with its new design IWM-300R. Thanks to the changeable 7 color led lights on the edges of the mouse, you will enjoy a unique use.
The IWM-300R Wireless Mouse appeals to the eyes with its smoked and dark blue colors. The special upper surface of the mouse provides a comfortable and comfortable use with its fabric texture and the edge structure that does not sweat your hands.
INCA IWM-300R Wireless Mouse with advanced 2.4 Ghz Radio Frequency Technology increases your wireless communication range to 10 meters. Providing maximum wireless usage area, INCA IWM-300R Wireless Mouse offers you uninterrupted coverage even in remote applications such as presentations.
Thanks to the Nano receiver that can be embedded in it, the INCA IWM-300R Wireless Mouse puts an end to the problem of receiver loss, and has a resolution of 800-1600DPI thanks to its superior optical reader. In this way, it will meet your needs in all the applications you use. The new “incatrack” technology provides maximum precision by removing all obstacles in your way.
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