- American Broadcom 3.0 Bluetooth
- Mini size with foldable scissors structure
- Silk screen UV coating process ultra thin key design
- 66 Keys
- Multimedia 14 Keys (FN +)
- Built-in 180 mAh lithium battery
- Usage Time: 40 Days with Full Battery
- Material: ABS + aluminum alloy, bottom shell oxidized, strong and scratch resistant
- Color: Metallic Silver
- Compatible with Windows, Android, IOS, Mobile Tablet PC, BT-enabled TV.
- Folding size: 146 * 85 * 14mm
- Open size: 294 * 85 * 7mm
- Net weight: 179g




Your INCA IBK-579BT Foldable Smart Keyboard is designed with Bluetooth 3.0 technology.

The INCA IBK-579BT Foldable Smart Keyboard can work with 3 main operating systems, if you wish, you can easily match the shortcut keys on your keyboard to the iOS, Windows and Android operating system.

Your foldable Smart Keyboard INCA IBK-579BT can be carried easily in your palm-sized pocket, backpack and notebook bag. It will allow you to comfortably do all your operations while traveling, even while working outside the office. As it reaches the standard keyboard size, you will increase your typing efficiency, which will enjoy typing.

The silent key design of your INCA IBK-579BT Foldable Smart Keyboard will allow you to focus more on your work. It provides durability for a long time thanks to its UV coating process.

Your INCA IBK-579BT Foldable Smart Keyboard contains 1 environmentally friendly 180 mAh lithium battery. Ultra low power consumption When the light indicator of your keyboard is not lit, please plug it in, when the red light turns off, it indicates that it is fully charged. You can use your keyboard for 40 days.


Mobile phone frame mode Five-angle mobile phone holder can accommodate mobile phones from any angle. The oversized design is more than enough for viewing large screen panels such as iPads.

The keyboard clip secures the keyboard when the keyboard is placed in the center of the keyboard.

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